Scioto Trail State Forest Park Hiking Trails Pictures Movie

Scioto Trail State Forest and Park Hiking Pictures Movie

Scioto Trail State Forest Park is located in Ross County Ohio. Scioto Trail State Forest and Park has twelve miles of beautiful hiking trails. The firetower trail, Caldwell Lake trail, Church Hollow Trail, 3-C trail and 17 miles of bridle trails, lead to scenic overlooks and breathtaking vistas. A portion of the Buckeye Trail which links the four corners of Ohio passes through the state forest.

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Scioto Trail State Forest Park Nature:

Scioto Trail State Forest Park is located in the Appalachian foothills bordering the Scioto River. Scioto Trail State Park has rugged ridgetops and wooded valleys that support a host of natural wonders. This densely forested hill country is reminiscent of the southern Appalachians supporting a magnificent stand of oak and hickory. In spring, the forest trails are lined with flowering dogwood and redbud trees. The forest floor displays woodland wildflowers including spring beauties, Dutchman's breeches, wild blue phlox and wild geranium. Ferns, mosses and lichens coat the sandstone outcroppings. Mushroom hunters delight in the abundance of the delicious morel mushroom.

The remoteness Scioto Trail State Forest Park, within a dense forest, provides excellent habitat for some of Ohio's most elusive wildlife. Wild turkey populations are thriving in this region along with ruffed grouse and white-tailed deer. Small mammals of Scioto Trail include red fox, skunk, opossum, gray squirrel and raccoon among many others. Rare sightings of bobcat and black bear have been reported. Many reptiles and amphibians find the woodlands and streams of the area desirable.

History of the Area:
Area Attractions:
Scioto Trail State Forest and Park is nestled in an area rich with reminders of Ohio's prehistoric peoples. These Mound Builders left extensive earthworks throughout the Scioto River Valley and its tributaries. Serpent Mound, in northeastern Adams County, is a 1,000-foot snake effigy mound built by the Adenas. Other smaller Adena mounds exist in Ross County. The Adena culture is named after the estate of early Ohio statesman Thomas Worthington. Adena, near Chillicothe, was the site of the first mound excavation attributed to these prehistoric people.

Other extensive earthworks exist north of Chillicothe on the Scioto floodplain. Mound City is attributed to a more advanced culture called the Hopewells. Other Hopewell mounds in the Scioto Trail region are Seip Mound, Spruce Hill and Fort Hill. The importance of the Scioto River to the early development of Ohio carried through from these prehistoric peoples to the Shawnee and first pioneer settlers.

The Shawnee utilized the river as their primary means of transportation from one village to another. The Scioto Trail was an Indian trail that followed the Scioto River from northern Ohio to the Kentucky hunting grounds. The trail was later used by settlers who came upriver from Portsmouth to the first capital of Ohio--Chillicothe. There is a replica of the first church in the area, Chillicothe's First Presbyterian, in Caldwell Lake Hollow. This plain log structure gives testimony to the simple lifestyle of early Ohioans.

The first European settlers came to the area in the 1790s. In 1796, General Nathaniel Massie and a small group of settlers started the town of Chillicothe. Many of these first Ohioans were veterans of the Revolutionary War. The land west of the Scioto River and east of the Little Miami River was set aside for Virginia veterans of the Revolution. Land allotments were based on time served and rank of these soldiers.

Initial purchases of land for the park and forest began in 1922. Most of the major development took place in the 1930s during the original Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) days. They constructed most of the roads, lakes and the original recreational facilities.

A monument erected in 1842 stood at the entrance of Scioto Trail State Park to commemorate William Hewitt. As a hermit, he lived for fourteen years in a cave near what is now the park and surrounding forest. Hewitt died in 1838 at the age of seventy after becoming a local legend. Eventually, the cave was whittled away by highway development and the monument was moved 1,000 feet north of its original site. The monument has been relocated beside the log church at the Scioto Trail campground.

Nearby are Great Seal State Park which is located north of Chillicothe off State Route 159, Lake White State Park which is located near Waverly on State Route 220, and Tar Hollow State Park and State Forest which are located off State Route 327 near the Ross-Hocking-Vinton county lines.

The famous outdoor historical drama, Tecumseh!, is presented mid-June through Labor Day weekend at Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre. Adena State Memorial, the restored home of Thomas Worthington is one of The Ohio Historical Society's premier sites. It includes Worthington's newly-restored 1807 mansion and a 13,000 square foot Museum/Visitor Center.

The Ross County Historical Society in Chillicothe features exhibits of pioneer crafts, firearms, furniture, toys and clothing. The museum is open March through November. One mile north of Chillicothe on State Route 104 is the Mound City/Hopewell Culture Group National Historic Park. The area is a prehistoric Indian complex of 23 burial mounds. A museum and visitors' center are open daily.

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Scioto Trail State Park Notes:
During World War I, the area that is now Scioto Trail State Park was used as an artillery range for Camp Sherman. Seventy-five millimeter guns and six-inch howitzers were set up at the mouth of Stoney Creek on the Scioto River and fired at targets in the general area of Stewart and Caldwell Lakes.

The purchase of land for the state forest began in 1922, and most of the present forest area was purchased by 1937. The first 9,088 acres cost an average of $7.70 per acre. The forest was named after the Native American trail that ran from what is now Chillicothe to Portsmouth. They called it the Scioto Trail. Routh 23 follows the path of the trail. The major development of the area took place in the 1930s when the Civilian Conservation Corps built most of the roads, lakes and early recreational facilities. The forest now covers 9,390 acres.

Scioto Trail State Forest maintains 26 miles of bridle trails for day use by horseback riders and hikers. Mountain bikes are also permitted on these trails. A Mountain Bike Family Campout is held each summer to promote this activity. Six miles of paved roads and 18 miles of gravel roads provide good access to all areas of the forest. Scenic vistas and overlooks on several of the roads attract many visitors year-round, but especially during the fall when the leaves are turning color.

Populations of deer, wild turkey, squirrel and grouse encourage many hunters to pursue their favorite sport at Scioto Trail. Mushroom hunting in the spring is attracting more and more visitors to the forest each year. A fire tower and picnic area are located next to the forest office, and are the sites of many reunions and family outings. The 250 acre Scioto Trail State Park consists of two areas in the middle of the state forest. Two 15 acre lakes, a campground, two primitive camping area, picnic areas, trails and a sled hill are all located within the park.

Forest Rules:
Scioto Trail State Parkis open to visitors between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily.

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Scioto Trail State Forest Park Hiking Trails Pictures Movie