Red River Gorge Cliffty Wilderness and Natural Bridge State Park Hiking Trails Pictures Maps

Red River Gorge Cliffty Wilderness and Natural Bridge State Park Hiking Trails Pictures Maps

Red River Gorge and the Natural Bridge State Park are located in eastern Kentucky and consist of 26,000 acres for wonderful hiking adventures. Within the Red River Gorge is a 1,000 acre hikers gem of a place called the Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve that was carved over millions of years by wind and water. Within the area there are over 80 natural arches, historical sites, and miles and miles of trails made for cross-country backpacking or just day hikes. There are magnificent views, unusual vegetation and the largest concentration of arches and rock shelters east of the Rocky Mountains. Some of the rock shelters were used by ancient Indians to live in and supposedly one used by Daniel Boone!

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Many arches in the Red River Gorge Geological Area can be found or viewed from the trails. One the best known and most accessible arches is Sky Bridge Trail. From here, visitors are treated to a magnificent view of Clifty Wilderness. This portion of the Gorge has been set aside for the preservation of wilderness values and experiences. Clifty, named for its towering clifflines, was added to the National Wilderness Preservation System by Congress in 1985. The section of the Red River that runs through Clifty Wilderness is a Kentucky Wild River, and is now a National Wild and Scenic River, the first and only one in Kentucky.

The Red River Gorge supports an unusual array of plant and animal life. The diversity may be attributed to geographic location, topography, and glacial history. A significant number of endangered, threatened, sensitive or rare species of plants and animals exist in the area. The U.S Forest Service, along with other interested agencies and individuals, is working to protect these species and their habitat. A rare opportunity also exists here for the protection and scientific study of cultural resources. Archaeological studies are providing insight into the lives of the prehistoric people who lived in the Gorge. In later times, the Shawnee and other tribes and frontiersmen like Simon Kenton, Daniel Boone preceded settlement by colonial Europeans moving west.

In more recent times, the Red River Gorge area was a mining area for iron ore, saltpeter for gunpowder (mined in the area for all of the wars through the Civil War) and then timber area. Nearly all of the trees within the Gorge were harvested providing the area, that has never known great economic wealth, a prosperous time. The introduction of the railroads in the mid to late 1800s help push these growth and also provide the area with the first permanent industry, tourism. Excursion trains from Lexington, Cincinnati and Louisville that brought tourists to what is now Natural Bridge State Resort Park started in 1900 and lasted until 1939.

Trail Descriptions:
Sheltowee Trace Trail- #100 Streneous 16.0
Named for Daniel Boone (his adopted Shawnee name), this trail traverses the entire lenght of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Part of the Trail passes through the Red River Gorge. Along this trail can be found towering walls, Indian Arch and beautiful vistas.

Double Arch Trail- #201 .8 Mile one way - easy/moderate
The Double arch trail leads off from Auxier Branch trail. The trail is fairly level for most of the way. It only goes up hill at the very end. The trail winds along the base of the ridge offering a veiw of Double arch from the bottom. It then winds around the arch and begins to go upward. There is a rock formation on the left hand side of the trail which looks like a head of a Copperhead. Just before the Arch(s) there is a series of steps which leads up to the arch. The Arch itself is composed of a major arch and then a thin arch above the first one. There is a trail off to the right of the arch that leads to the top.

Courthouse Rock Trail- #202 Streneous 2.0
This trail splits off of Auxier Ridge leads to its namesake, Courthouse Rock. It mainly follows Auxier Ridge at is base as it winds along. The trail ends at the base of Courthouse rock One can make a loop trail by taking the stairs up to Auxier Ridge and following it back to where the trail starts. If you are looking for views of the Gorge, this not a trail to take. It is mostly up and down hill the whole way. You can also reach this trail by way of Auxier Branch Trail.

Auxier Branch Trail- #203 1.0 Streneous
The trailhead is located at the end of Tunnel Ridge Road. It starts down immediately and continues to descend into the valley. The Double Arch trailhead is located about 2/10 of a mile past the beginning of the trail. At the bottom of the valley, there is a nice level place to camp with a stream nearby to cool your feet in. The trail begins immediately back up and ends at the Courthouse Rock trail. The trail is well marked with the 'White Diamond

Auxier Ridge Trail- #204 1.1 Easy
This trail begins in a parking lot off of Tunnel Ridge Road, about 4 miles along the road. The trail is very easy to follow, just look for the 'White Diamond'. It's level for the most part and while the scenery is not spectacular at the beginning, the wait is while worth it. The trail opens up on a high ridge with sheer dropoffs on each side. Clearly visable are Raven's Rock, Double Arch, Courthouse Rock and more. The trail connects to Courthouse Rock by a a series of steep stairs. One can make a loop of Auxier Ridge and Courthouse Rock trails that will take a halfday to complete. This is a great trail for beginners both in terms of veiws and hiking ease

Grey's Arch Trail- #205 .9 Miles
This feature is an spectacular arch, making a very popular area to visit. Take Tunnel Ridge Road from KY 15. The Greys Arch parking lot is about 1 - 2 miles up this road.The trail leads off to the right of the parking lot and wanders through the woods. The trail merges with Rough trail about 1/2 mile into the hike. The trail then wanders until one comes upon a sign pointing Rough trail (221) to left and Greys Arch straight ahead. If you take the Greys Arch trail you will end up on top of the ridge, just in front of the arch. If you want to walk out onto the arch, you will have to climb down a small, well worn path. It is very, steep and though not very dangerous, it should not be tried unless you are a fairly good climber. If you do go down, be careful as the sides drop off very quickly. You cannot reach the bottom of the arch from here unless you rappel off the side of the arch. This arch is very popular for repelling even though it is illegal. If you want to see the underside of the arch, you have to take the Rough trail. It goes below the ridge and the arch appears on the right hand side of the trail. A first time vistor thinks that this is often the closest the trail comes to the arch. This is incorrect. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS TO THE ARCH HERE. The undergrowth hides a 100 ft drop into a rock filled gully. To reach the arch, continue down Rough Trail. You will switch back toward the arch and begin to descend into a box canyon After a series of steep stairs the arch will be right in front of you with Rough Trail heading off to the left. A large recessed Cave will be on you right. The trail will go straight ahead and then cut back sharply to the left. It will then begain to climb steeply up to the arch it self. This trail is rated as moderate only because to reach the bottom of the arch, the trail heads down at a modest rate (steep at times). That and you will have to do some scrambling to get to the base of the arc.

Cliff Trail- #206 - .8 Miles Easy
The Cliff trail starts and ends in the Koomer Ridge Campground. Look for a sign around campsite #13 or #35. Or if you stay at the campground, there are many paths leading to the trail from the cliffside camp sites. This trail follows the cliff here and never gets too close to the edge. There are several areas which open up to a spectacular veiw, especially at a small amphitheater built at the cliff edge. There are split rail fences whenever or stone fences along the cliff edges. The only problem is that a creek runs over the trail at one point as it disappears over the edge. It tends to make the area a little muddy so be advised. The whole trail is over extremely level ground and loops back to the campground so you can't get lost. Parking for this and all of the Koomer Ridge Campground trails is at the front of the campground to the left as you come in.

Rock Bridge Trail- #207 1.3 Moderate
Rock Bridge gets it's name because the arch span crosses over Swift Camp creek. It is the only one in the area that was formed by water running over, under and through it. The trail starts at the picnic area at the end of a 3-mile gravel road off of 715 at Pine Ridge. It loops back around and ends at the same picnic ground. It doesn't matter which trail head you take because Rock Bridge is located at the Middle of the loop.Assuming you take the "Official" trailhead, marked by a large sign explaining Rock Bridge, the trail starts down immediately. The trail goes down a very steep grade until it bottoms out in a gully. It goes down to Swift Camp creek. Creation Falls is a beautiful waterfall right before the Bridge. You can cross the bridge but you have to climb up a couple of rock faces 4-5 feet high. The trail continues up and crosses Swift Camp Creek trail and Bear's Den trail. The grade back to the picnic area is not as steep as the one down and I recommend to those who are not in shape to go this way because it is far easy and you can see the whole loop.

Hidden Arch Trail -#208 1.0

Danial Boone Hut Trail - # 209 .8

Bison Way Trail #210 .8

Sky Bridge Trail #214 .7

Whittleton Branch Trail - #216 2.0

Whittleton Arch Trail- #217 Easy .2
This trail begins in the Koomer Ridge campground in the primative camping area. Park at the parking lot for hikers, and walk along the road toward the primative area. You will a well established path toward the pit toilets. Take this path and the follow the trail past the toilets. From this point on, its about .8 of a mile to the arch itself over very level ground. You will come to a fork in the path, take the left fork. From that point on, it is a quick walk to a place were you can see the arch from the overlook. To get to the arch, there is a series of steps that will lead you down and to the arch. To do the loop, continue down some more steps next to the arch. The trail will hug the ridge with a moderately steep climb towards the end. The trail will T-into the Koomer Ridge trail. Follow the sign (or turn right) back to the campground.

Angel Windows Trail- #218 .5 Easy
This is another nice walk with easy acces to KY 715. The walk seems to descend into Parched Corn creek but actually stays fairly close to the ridge top. The trail is level for most of the way and shouldn't be challenging to anyone. There is one area where one has to be careful. A huge tree along the path has fallen creating a large hole in the middle of the path. One has to scramble around the hole and it has gotten quite muddy. Just beyond the arches there is a really beautiful cayon leading down into the gorge. The recess caves here are extremely large and nice.

Swift Camp Creek Trail- #219 7.0

Koomer Ridge Trail- #220 2.3

Rough Trail- #221 7.2

Pinch-em-Tight Trail- #223 1.8 Miles, Easy - Moderate Starting south of Grey's Arch, Pinch-em-Tight is a fairly easy to moderate connector trail. It connects up to Rough trail. Some nice views at the beginning before it starts through the woods.

Silvermine Arch Trail- #225 .09 miles, Moderate
The Silvermine Arch trail again originates at the Koomer Ridge Campground. It starts at the same place as Koomer Ridge Trail and they run together for about 1/4 of mile. Follow the sign as it points off to the right, and you will end up walking along the back of the the campground. (Note you can also pick up the trail at the rear of the campground, across from the restrooms). The trail leads off into the woods and soon breaks into many smaller trails. Follow the main trail and soon you come to 2 sets of steep stairs. These stairs lead directly to the arch. Unforuantely the only way back is the way you came. The only hard part though is the stairs so take you time. Parking for this and all of the Koomer Ridge Campground trails is at the front of the campground to the left as you come in.

Buck Trail- #226 1.5

Rush Ridge Trail- #227

Wildcat Trail- #228, 1.3 miles Easy
The trailhead for this trail starts on KY715, about a mile past Chimney Rock Road. Though the parking is on the left, the trail starts across across the road. It dips down and up immediately but then mirrors KY 715 until it reaches an USFS road. The trail then follows this road and begins to descend into Swift Camp Creek. The trail is fairly easy with high rock walls with only one spot where is gets a little steep. Once it dead ends on Swift Camp Creek, the trail gets a lot rougher. An interesting feature of this trail is the evidence of the old logging roads that once criss-crossed the area. You can see the old roads at several places along the trail

Tower Rock Trail- #229, 1.0 miles, Moderate
This trail starts on KY 715 with a small parking area (another for maybe 2 cars) on the south side of the road. The trail circles Tower Rock but does not lead to the top. For this, you must be a rock climber with the proper gear. The trail circles the base but doesn't offer any real views. It is a nice hike though on a hot day as it is covered by trees the whole way. Round trip should take about 30 minutes.

Princess Arch Trail- #233, .5 miles, Easy
The Princess Arch trail starts at the Chimney Top road turn around. The trail leads of to the right of the turn around and goes for about quarter mile. It slopes down a little at the arch but it is not a serious walk. The trail leads out over the arch. Getting down underneath the arch is a little tricker. Head back up the trail and about 50 yards up the trail there is a path leading down from the right (conversely, as you are heading toward the arch, the trail is on the left). This is a steep climb down to the arch, so be careful. This will lead you back to the underside of the arch. To get back up, you will have to either use this path or climb up the rock face around the arch.

Whistling Arch Trail- #234, .5 miles, Easy
This is an enjoyable easy hike. From the trail head on KY 715, to the arch, the entire trail is fairly level. The arch itself is unspectacular but the area around the arch is very pretty. The arch gets is name from the sound it makes when the winds blows through it (it happens rarely). This walk makes a great warm up to Sky Bridge or just a nice walk on a warm day.

Chimney Top Trail- #235, .3 miles, Easy
Chimney Top is a rock formation which resembles a huge chimney. It raises 900 feet above the valley so the view is spectacular almost all of the time. The trail head starts at the left of the parking lot at then end of the Chimney Top Road. The trail itself is black topped all the way to the top of the cliff. Don't be alarmed if the trail seems to narrow. It opens onto the top of the cliff but there is a fence around the whole ledge. A tree used to be at the entrance to the fenced in area. Someone has since pushed it over and the USFS has carted it away. The bark of the tree was stripped off and it looked as if it had been twisted around in the wind. To get to the trail, take KY 715 through the upper Gorge. Turn onto Chimney Top Road. Take this gravel road until it ends at the parking lot.

Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve is situated just outside the Daniel Boone National Forest but contains some of the best views within the gorge area. The most famous arch in the area, Natural Bridge, is just but one feature of the park. From campsites to paddle boats, this park has the amenities of a resort area but the seclusion and hiking trails of the national forest.

The center piece of the park is Natural Bridge. The 900 tons of stone that span between two ridges was formed by millions of years of wind and rain and the view of it and from it is impressive. In addition to the arch, there is Mill Creek Lake, a stocked fishing lake, a skylift to the bridge, and Hoe Down Island. There are two campgrounds (Middlefork and Whittleton Branch) within the park and are off of KY 11. Hemlock lodge is the state-run hotel that overlooks a small lake. The lodge is open year-round and has a restaurant in addition to separate cottages for rent. During the summer season, the park has scheduled activities for all ages including nature walks, films and every Friday and Saturday, an old-fashion square dance on Hoe Down Island. The lodge area also has a brand new swimming pool that looks fantastic, tennis courts, picnic areas, and paddle boats. There is also a junior naturalist program. For more information, visit the official Natural Bridge State Park web site or write:

Natural Bridge State Park
2135 Natural Bridge Road
Slade, KY 40376-9999
(606) 663-2214
1-800-325-1710 (Toll-free reservations)
Reservations should be made especially during holidays and the busy seasons


There are only 9 trails within the park. Most of them lead to the arch and have various levels of difficulty. The rest branch off of them and lead you into more remote areas of the park. This map shows the major trails and landmarks. If you have any difficulty at all in hiking up hills, I would recommend using the skylift at the base of the mountain. It takes you directly behind the bridge where there is an easy walk to the bridge. The skylift does cost money however. Sand Gap trail, Hoods Branch, and Rock Garden are longer trails that lead to the arch (or arch area) after leading you through some of the more remote areas and seldom hiked areas of the park while the rest are direct, shorter routes to the bridge.

Natural Bridge State Park can be reached by getting off at the Slade exit on the Mountain Parkway and turning right. The park is about 3 miles up KY 11. If you are staying at the Lodge, access to the trails can be reached at the far end of the lodge parking lot. Take the asphalt path toward the activity center, and the trails start just about 50 yards down on the right. If you are not staying at the lodge, drive past the road leading to the lodge. About 1 mile up the road, there is a parking lot used for day hikers and people going to Hoe Down Island. Park here and follow the asphalt trail past the Gift shop but turn left onto the gravel path. The trail starts here and winds up the mountain. It meets up with the asphalt path the lodge. If you want to take the skylift up to the bridge, turn onto Natural Bridge Road but turn right instead of left toward the lodge. The skylift is at the end of this road.

Trail Rules:
The following acts are prohibited:
Hiking with pets
Collecting specimens, including those for research purposes.
Building fires or backcountry camping
Riding mountain bikes, ORV's and horses
Picking Flowers, digging, pulling or attempting to remove any plant material.
Carving or writing on rock formations, trees or manmade structures.
Disturbing, capturing, or killing any animal, including poisnous snakes.
Rock Climbing or rappelling. Trail's Descriptions:
While most of the trails eventually lead to the bridge, the only way up or down at the bridge itself is "Fat Man's Misery". This is a crack on the side of the arch that leads up (with the help of some steps) to the top of the bridge. Just about everyone can fit through the crack, except for some extremely large people, though it might get tight.

Original Trail 3/4 Mile The original trail starts just past the lodge. It is the first trail head. The trail starts up some steps and levels out immediately. Further along the trail, off to the left is the opening to a cave, connecting the original trail and Balance Rock trail. A little bit up the trail, the first of the Battleship Rock trail accesses starts off to the right right before a shelter house. The main trail continues on gradually working it's way uphill until about 2/3 of the way up, there is a shelter house on the left one can rest in. From this point on, the tail gets pretty steep. The trail has several swithchbacks that ends up right under the bridge span.

Balanced Rock Trail - 3/4 mile
This trail starts along the asphalt pave from the lodge. Do not take the first tail head you come to. This is the original trail. Balanced Rock trail starts about 100 feet down from this trail. This trail starts up immediately. Just past the first steps, one will notice a cave off to the right. This cave was once lined with electric lights and leads through the mountain to the original trail. This entrance is fairly large; not so the other end. You will have to climb up if you want to go out the other end. If you continue along the trail, it levels out and you come along the namesake of the trail. To the left you will see a large rock seemingly balanced on a slender piece of rock. Right after the rock, you start climbing and basically climb the rest of the way to the top of the ridge. This part is fairly strenuous but this trail is not used as much and has some good views. As the trail tops out, it bends to the right and comes to a T here. Sand Gap trail starts here off to the left. Turn right and you come up to a Shelter house. The bridge is off to the left.

Battleship Rock Trail 3/4 mile
Battleship Rock Trail is a connector trail that loops along the base of the ridge of Lookout point and Natural Bridge. There are several trails which branch off of it which connects the top of the arch to the bottom or leads to the arch. The trail along the Original trail next to the shelter hut and leads towards the base of the ridge. You can also pick up the trail further up the Original trail or at the base of the Bridge. The connector trails which lead to the top of the arch are the Devil's Gulch and Needle's Eye Trail. Both of these are steep trails/stairs which connects to the trail on top of the ridge, Laurel Ridge trail. The trail itself is fairly level except around the staircases, where it gets steep.

The Devil's Gulch 1/4 mile,
This isn't an official trail, but a common name for a rather steep set of stairs connecting the top of the ridge (Laural Ridge trail) with the bottom (Battleship Rock trail). Take the Battleship Rock trail from the Original trail past the Rock Garden trail split. The trail will soon fork. Take the ride fork (formally known as the Salt Mine trail). You will see the Devil's Gulch staircase right in front. You could also take Laurel Ridge trail on top and use these to get back to Hemlock lodge or the parking lot.

Needle's Eye Trail 1/4
Again not an officail trail...Take the above trail description but instead of taking the Devils Gluch stairs, take the trail off to your right. You will come to another set very steep of stairs. Take these stairs to the top of the ridge. A path off to the right along the stairs will lead you to the Needle's Eye, a small arch. As of this May (1997), the path to the arch was closed. At the top of the staircase, to the left is the path which leads to Lookout Point; to the right is Lover's Leap.

Salt Mine Trail 1/4 mile
This trail is basically a connector trail between the Battleship Rock trail (lower half) and the staircases to the top of the ridge. The trail is rather steep as it was onced used by horses from a saltpeter mine that was located at the base of the cliff.. Their hoofs cut into the ground and eroision has done the rest. It also can be a shortcut back to Lodge and parking lot.

Rock Garden Trail 1 3/4 miles, moderate
This trail takes a longer route to the bridge, coming up from behind. The trailhead is located on the on Battleship Rock trail, so one must take that trail from the original trail get to the trailhead. It loops along the base of the ridge as an alternate way to the bridge. The trail continues back around the ridge passing under the skylift and then up to the arch. While the trail is not as popular as others leading to the arch because of it's length, it is an enjoyable hike. Another way to access this trail is to take the original trail up to the bridge, and then pick up the trailhead there. It will end on Battleship Rock trail.

Sand Gap Trail 8 1/2 miles
The Sand Gap trailhead begins off of the Balanced Rock Trail, 500 feet from Natural Bridge. This trail is the longest in the park and will take all day to complete. The trail loops around on the edge of the park and descends down into Lower Hood's Branch following an old logging road bed. The trail crosses the valley and follows the edge of the park all the way to Hood's Branch Trail head near the skylift parking lot.

Hoods Branch Trail 4 miles
The Hood's Branch trailhead under the Natural Bridge and leads through the center of the park to the parking lot near the sklift. The trail follows the cliffs and then desecends down to the Upper Hood's Branch. It crosses the stream then follow the cliffs down toward the parking lot. Once you come across a shelter house, you are about 3/4 of a mile from the skylift parking lot.

Henson's Arch Trail 3/10 mile
Henson's Arch is named for a former park Superintendent and is located just off the Whittleton Branch Campground. You can find the trailhead in the campground off to the right of the campground as you enter, behind campsite A8. There is a bridge across the ravine here. While the trail is only 3/10 long, it is uphill the whole way. Just past a large ravine carved by the stream there, a large sink hole appears with a ladder leading down. The arch is formed by a sink hole on the other side of this hole.

Lakeside Trail 1/2 mile
This trail begins in the Whittleton Campground and crosses the road to follow the lake below the lodge. The trail follows the edge of the farside of the lake until it crosses a wooden brige next to the souvenir shop. It connects the campground with the rest of the park. NOTE THIS TRAIL IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. A tree took out the bridge and the trail is in a general state of disrepair. I've heard they plan to replace the bridge and reopen the trail but I don't know when.

Laurel Ridge - 3/4 mile
This trail is on top of the ridge where Natural Bridge, Look out point and other features are located. The trail leads from the bridge towards the skylift, skirting the cliffline the whole way. It then passes under the lift (there is a nice view to the left of the lift), and proceeds to Lookout Point where you can get an excellent view of the bridge span. It then bends back, passing both the Devils Gulch and Needle's Eye staircases and terminates at Lovers Leap.

Whittleton Trail 2 miles to KY 15, 1 mile to Whittleton Arch
The Whittleton trail is on of the easiest walks in the park and gorge. It follows Whittleton Creek its entire length, from the campgound to KY 15 (near the entrance of Tunnel Ridge Road). The trail to Whittleton arch branches off fro the trail. The arch is located at base of the sandstone cliff and is one of the largest in the area. The trail follows an narrow gauge railroad that ran from Natural Bridge to Chimney Top in the 1800's. The trailhead starts at Whittleton Campground at the back. Park at the enterance and take the left fork of the campground loop.

Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve
Dedicated Dec. 16, 1981, Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve today consists of approximately 1,188 acres and is located in Powell County. The preserve lies within the boundaries of Natural Bridge State Resort Park. This area was dedicated into the nature preserves system to protect a significant geological system and rare species habitat.

The rare Virginia big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus), a federally endangered species, occurs at this preserve. The Hood Branch watershed supports one of the most diverse macroinvertebrate communities in the Kentucky River system, indicating excellent water quality. Fortunately, the entire watershed lies within the preserve and state park boundaries which provides protection for this diverse aquatic community.

Features - Natural Bridge, rare species, scenic views
Access - 13 miles of trail over uneven terrain, moderate to strenuous
Facilities - state resort park
Parking - abundant
Hazards - cliffs, venomous snakes (rare)
Activities - hiking, nature study, geological study, etc.
Directions - Powell County. From the junction of the Mountain Parkway and KY 11 at Slade, follow KY 11 south for 2.0 miles to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park entrance.

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